Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Real Weddings: Italian Style

Marzia and Maurizio: romance and fun in Venice

Marzia and Maurizio got married last summer in a small village not far from Venice.  This was a typical Italian wedding that Stefania would like to share with us. 

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Everything started on the hottest Saturday afternoon of the year in the tiny medieval San Gregorio church, hidden in the Venice countryside.

Marzia had a traditional white dress and a gorgeous one rose bouquet.

The path to San Gregorio church is sooo nice and romantic, Marzia's brother walked her to the church along a medieval alley surrounded by the castle ancient walls!

After the wedding ceremony, their friends wanted to play some jokes on the couple, which is something typical in the Italian tradition.

The funniest one was seeing Maurizio taking Marzia to the reception venue using a little chariot! OMG!  Thank God friends were there to help them!

Marzia's visions for her day were simple: roses and lights!  Roses and lights were everywhere with candles in the church, candles in white glasses at teh restaurant, and flying lanterns in the night!

Red rose petals were spread on the restaurant tables as well among the candles.  And for a little lighting emphasis, the rose petals were lying on mirrors along with the candles.

Pictures courtesy of Gian_KGB
Wedding Location: Villa Policreti, Aviano
Wedding Church: Chiesa San Gregorio, Castel D’Aviano

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