Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Elements: Color


Color is an important element in our lives.  It can help to calm us, excite us, even help make us feel refreshed.  It can show our personalites, help us to convey an idea, and for some, it could represent culture and religious views.

I LOVE using color in weddings.  I think it great when a bride gets colorful shoes, the tables have colorful flowers and centerpieces and the lighting adds a colorful hue to the room.  Read below to see what your wedding colors might say about you.

Red {action, courage, confidence and vitality}

Red is a color that evokes energy and excitement.  It draws people together and stimulates conversation.  When using red as a major color in your wedding decor, you should be planning for a very exciting event.  Turn your music up and  let it all out!

Orange {thoughtful, sincere, creative and endurance}

While red is accociated with fiery heat, orange is associated with the warmth of the sun.  It is thought to stimulate endurance and creativity and helps to give relief from stressful situations.  If you want your wedding celebration to keep from getting too serious, add orange to your color palette.

Blue {calming, inspiration, spirituality}

Blue is the coolest color.  It is often a color chosen by more conservative people and encourages conversation and peace.  For a more serene, yet exciting night, any of the variations of blue are great choices.

Yellow {wisdom, joy and happiness}

Like the energy of a bright sunny day, yellow brings clarity and awareness.  Yellows work great with greens and oranges to help create a lively upbeat celebration.

Green {nature, fertility and life}

Green symbolizes self-respect and well being and is the color of balance.  It is a color that will encourage your guests to unwind and yet will give enough warmth to promote comfort and togetherness.  This is a safe color, so if you're just not sure where to start, start with green.

Brown {nature, wholesomeness and dependability}

Since brown is a neutral color, it will work well with almost any other color and will work in any season.  Try not to use brown by itself though...boring!

Purple {dramatic, sophisticated and royalty}

Dark purple is associated with luxury and creativity and is a wonderful accent color.  Lighter shades of purple will bring you peace of mind.

What are your favorite color combinations?  Let us know!