Thursday, September 29, 2011

Theme Thursday: Peacocks!

This weekend I am attending a Bridal Open House in my hometown.  I really wanted to use the "Rustic" theme that everyone seems to be loving lately, but I also really wanted to stand out.  This is the board that I put together to follow my theme through {notice the burlap along with all of the bright elegant colors}.

Crazy for the Peacocks!!!

Watch for the pictures from the show next week.  I am bringing my camera so I will be posting pictures of my booth.

Leave a comment and tell me what you think of the colors.  Also, make sure to follow and share my blog for weekly tips, ideas, themes, and all around fun wedding stuff.  

I LOVE this theme!!!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Bridal Shows: Survival Tips

It is that super fun time of year that wedding vendors start putting together unique ideas to get your attention at Bridal Shows all over the country.  And, that does include me!  Here are 10 tips for you to get the most out of your bridal show experience - and NOT let yourself get too overwhelmed.

1. Register before the show.  This will save you time when you get there.  You won't want to stand in line and wait, with all of the other "day-of" registerees.  Just walk in, smile, get your bride badge, and have fun.

2. Wear comfortable shoes.  You will be doing a lot of walking...enough said.

3.  Bring somebody fun with you.  This could include your wonderful fiancee, your mother, or a couple of your besties. 

4. Make a sheet of return address labels.  There will be a lot of sign-up drawings and labels will make it so much easier for you. 

5. Make sure you have an agenda.  What do you want to accomplish at the show?  Are you just starting out, or do you only need to find the perfect baker?  What vendors do you really need to look at?  Don't spend a lot of time looking at flowers if you already have your florist booked.

6. If you talk with a vendor that you really like, and seriously are considering for your wedding - put their information in a pocket...NOT the show bag!  Or, bring along a zip-loc and put the information in that.

7. Create a new email account JUST for wedding stuff.  This will keep you from losing important information from vendors.

8. Ask a lot of questions.  Make a list of questions before the show and ask them all.  That's what the shows are for.

9. Most bridal shows have a fashion show - check it out!  Take a break, drink some champagne and enjoy the might see something you really really love.

10. Have fun!  Bring all of your information home and review it.  Most vendors offer show discounts, but don't feel like you "need to sign up now!"  Take your time and make sure you book with reputable companies that you know will do a fantastic job.

Do you have any bridal show stories to share?  Comment below and tell us all about it!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Tent Weddings: Tips and Decor

Well, the leaves are falling, I might be done mowing, the windows are closed and the wood boxes for the fireplaces are full...fall is here!  I love the changes of the seasons, and though my summer wedding season is done - the next one is on it's way.  Weddings are wonderful no matter which season they are in {I also love the "winter wonderland" type of weddings}, but when you are lucky enough to be able to use the natural beauty of the outdoors, that is the best!  There definately is something about green grass, colorful flowers {that you don't have to pay for}, big full trees and birds singing that make people happy.  Then add a wedding on top of that and you have a wonderful day for a celebration. 

Enough of my rambling, now it's time for business. 

When you are planning to have your wedding outdoors, keep in mind that you will not only be working with your vendors, but you will also be working with Mother Nature - and unfortunately, her wishes trump everyone else's.  When I have a couple that is planning their wedding to take place outside - a backup is a must.  Tents are my favorite!  It's like starting with a blank slate and being able to turn it into anything you can dream of.  There are no limitations.  Rustic, trendy, elegant, sit-down dinner, buffet dinner - with the right vendors you can have it all.  You do have to keep some things in mind, though, when putting all of your thoughts together.  Here are 10 tips for you to have a perfect outdoor wedding.

1.  Invitations
When you are considering the wording of your invitations make sure you mention that this will be an outdoor ceremony/ reception.  People might choose to wear "flatter" shoes and lighter clothes - or bring sweaters...

2. Comfort
If your ceremony is taking place under the hot sun, you might want to consider a smaller "ceremony" tent.  Something that is easier for the tent company to put up that will cover the chairs.  Other options are: umbrellas, water and fans (which can double as programs). You will want to make sure to know which direction the sun is coming from at the time of your ceremony.  Have it at your guests backs, not in their eyes.  Also, offering items such as sunscreen and bugspray is a nice idea.

3. Bugs
I am not much into spraying bugs {I just really don't like chemicals}, but I've noticed and increase in bees and gnats lately, so sometimes it is necessary to go the chemical route.  It's not a bad idea to get some Raid and spray your entire ceremony and reception areas about 3 hours before people will get there.  You can also contact a local pest control company and have them come out and treat the property a couple of days before any set-up will take place.  Also, one of my favorite "natural" ways to control these cans of open cat food around the outside perimeter of the tent - bees love this stuff!  Who knew?!

4. Favors
When deciding what your wedding favors will be keep the heat level in mind.  Chocolate will melt, milk will get get the idea.  Some of my favorite ideas are: flip-flops, jarred preserves or honey from your local farmers, flower bulbs or seed packets, small saplings wrapped in burlap.  Basically, natural things are great for outdoor weddings.

5. Sound
When you are reciting your vows to each other and saying your "I do's" your guests will want to hear everything you say.  If there will be a larger crowd, talk with your DJ or Band and discuss a sound system for the ceremony.  Most will have this option for you.  If not, talk with your tent rental company...somebody will be able to set this up for you.

6. Permits
If you are having your wedding at a park, or other public place, make sure you contact the local city parks department or other government department to get any permits needed.  Be sure to ask about trash removal, open flame rules and pre-wedding photography.

7. Food
Whether you are having your food professionally catered in {very highly recommended!} or family is providing everything...stay away from perishable foods.  Mayonnaise is an item that should definately be kept out of the dishes being served, or at least brought out at the last minute.  You will also want to consider the frosting on your cake. It should melt in your mouth...not on the table. Instead of the buttercream frostings go with the harder tops like fondant or marzipan.

8. Bathrooms
If you are having your wedding in your parents back yard you might want to keep your 200 guests from going in and out of the home to use their bathrooms.  Renting a Bathroom Trailer is a wonderful way to go.  They come in a variety of sizes, they have running water, and some even have a larger stall for the bride {and all of her gown}.  These are not the porta potties at the county fair!

9. Electricity
Make sure you discuss this very important issue with your venue, rental company, caterer and entertainment.  Chances are that you will need a generator and electric cords so you will need to verify with everyone how much power they need.  After you have that information discuss with your venue and rental company to guarantee that you will not have a "black-out" at your wedding.

10. Lighting
If your celebration will be going into the late hours of the night, you probably won't want your guests fumbling around trying to find their seats.  Talk with your tent rental company for suggestions on lighting companies that they have worked with before.  You will want your dance floor lit up, the food areas, and parking areas. 

Are you having, or have you had, a tented wedding?  Let us know your details!

Keep watching for more tips, tricks and decor ideas to help you have a flawless, beautiful tented event!!