Friday, November 30, 2012

Fashion Friday: LACE

There is just something about a Lace Wedding Gown that makes one's heart flutter - I could look at them all day!  Lace resonates romance, love and all things marriage!  So, as I struggled to make my choices, here are some of my Pinterest Picks. 

A vintage gown {1800's} from Brussels - found in the Brooklyn Museum

Elie Saab Collection

Do you have a favorite gown?  How about a favorite material?  What are you going to wear as you walk down the aisle?  Leave a comment and tell us your pick!!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Theme Thursday's Featured Wedding

LOVE LOVE LOVE this wedding!!  Lauren Brooks Photography did such a fantastic job capturing the elements of the celebration...I could just sit here and look at this all day!  And, Andrew of The Perfect Occasion...WOW!!  You are an inspiration! 

Make sure to check out the different bridesmaid bouquets.  They are all gorgeous and what a great idea!

Also, LOVE the kayak!!


Monday, November 5, 2012

Tip Of The Week: Brainstorming

Oh My Gosh!!  He asked!!  You said YES and you've already told all of your family and friends.  Now what.  When I start working with a bride and groom the very first thing I do is to ask them what they want their wedding outcome to be.  It is extremely important for you and your fiancee {no family, friends or coworkers} to sit with each other and envision your perfect day.  Write down all of the things you've dreamed of or anything you've seen that really inspired you.  Also, write down your favorite colors, styles of music, or anything artistic that speaks to you.  Dream big and write it all down...BRAINSTORM!  

Start by asking yourself the most important question of all: What emotions do I want my guests to have on my wedding day?  How do I want them to remember everything after they've left?

If you answered with words like joy, faith, serenity, you might discover that you want a more intimate celebration. If your thoughts were more toward excitement and energy, you might lean towards a more lively party.

Discuss other weddings you've been to and think of what you've seen that you both liked - and what you know you will NOT do at your wedding! 

When you feel as though you cannot come up with anything more and you are happy with the collection of ideas and inspiration, it is time to start putting them in order and make this wedding happen your way! 

Come back next week for the beginning of prioritizing and organizing.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Color Crush of the Week : Gold

Next week I will be bringing you inspirational image upon inspirational image of all things GOLD!!  Here's a little preview into what will start your Monday off...

How fun is this!  Dressing up your gold Chivari Chairs is not an element to be missed. You don't need to go all out with a chair back cover, but check out the chair, right!

See you next week!

Fashion Friday: Ruffled Trends

One of the best parts of my job is finding all of these gorgeous gowns to bring you some inspiration for dressing yourself for your wedding day.  I've been watching the shows from Bridal Market week in New York for the past couple of weeks and one of the biggest trends I've noticed is ruffles!  I am absolutely LOVING all of the flowing ruffled gowns!!  Whether it is a form-fitting mermaid or A-line, or a full ball-gown, they are all gorgeous!!  Here are some of my favorites for you to drool over.  Do you have a favorite?  Let me know.  This gown is by Justin Alexander.








Maggie Sottero

Badgley Mischka

Maggie Sottero

Maggie Sottero

San Patrick
San Patrick

Watch for what I'll be crushing on next week!!  I'll give you a hint...It's another big trend I noticed. :)
Happy Friday everyone!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Theme Thursday: Blue Winter Wonderland

As I'm sitting here thankful that my heat is on, I decided to take a look at some of the trends we saw in the Bridal Market runways and what we are seeing more and more in weddings today. 

On the runway we saw a lot of lace.  I'm so happy this is making the comeback that it is!!  Lace is such a romantic fabric that it just makes sense to use it for a wedding gown...

What I'm seeing a lot in weddings is some fun and creativity with lighting and color.  Every wedding I did this last summer had colorful lighting going on!  It was great to be able to use that element to create a romantic, seasonal, or elegant atmosphere. 

For this Theme Thursday I took some of my favorite trends and mixed them with with some important elements to help create the "feel" you want for your guests.  And, since it is the first day of November and winter is right around the corner, I'm bringing you a very blue and silver
Winter Wonderland.

Stay warm my friends!