Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Real Wedding: Bryna and Nick

Well, it has been a long time since I've posted, but it has been a busy summer.  YAY!

This wedding was this last weekend.  July 16, 2011.  The couple, Bryna and Nick, were the greatest bride and groom a planner could ask for!  Nick saw the venue, a barn at a local bed and breakfast, for the first time on Friday for the rehearsal.  Luckily, he loved it.  {I wasn't too concerned...he is a great guy!} 

Friday afternoon was fun.  Family came together from all over, for the first time in years.  The rehearsal was fast, the weather was HOT, and the drinks were cold! 

Saturday was even hotter than Friday so the main thing was to keep ice in the galvanized buckets to keep the water, beer and sodas cold.  I had a "Lemonade Stand" set up so I needed to make sure that stayed cold and filled too. 

As people poured in, about 30 - 45 minutes before the ceremony, the bar was busy!  Bryna and Nick had family members make pies for their Pie Buffet {no cake!} which was a perfect set-up for their reception.  The people kept coming, and so did the pies!  I think they had a total of 26 pies - Blueberry, Strawberry Rhubarb, Sweet Potato, Peach, Coconut Creme...and many many more! 

At 4:15 people took a lovely walk through a gorgeous garden, with water fountains, to the backside of the property.  They walked along the pond with the waterfall rushing down the rocks to the far back largest Weeping Willow tree I've ever seen.  As 4:30 rolled around it was time to gather the groom, flower girls, the adorable little ring bearer and the family members.  It was the most relaxed processional I've ever witnessed.  The flower girls and ring bearer just kind of did their thing walking down the "aisle"...it was great!

As soon as Nick and the officiant, Sam Gorski, got to the opening in the willow, it was time for Bryna and her father to make their way down.  She was a little nervous, but so excited!

Their ceremony was short and sweet - about 15 minutes. 

As soon as it was done, people made their way back to the barn for some cold refreshments and food.  The catering was done by Rockman's Catering and the menu was all Bryna and Nick's.  All of the food was from family recipes.  Bryna wanted a very laid-back, picnic style reception and that was most definately what it was.  The guests didn't have to wait for the bride and groom to show up, they just got to eat.  We had Honey Baked Chicken, Prime Rib Sandwiches {with the cutting stations}, a ton of sides and salads.  Bryna had also gone to a local farm and bought a TON of fresh fruit.  This was laid out on a table in baskets, like you'd see in a farmer's market.  The best thing of the entire day was when Bryna and Nick both told me everything was better than they imagined it could be!

So, this was part 1 of the wedding day.  Part 2 was full of a live band - not your typical wedding band either!

The Rooftop Jumpers filled the rest of the night with loud, funky music that EVERYONE danced to.  I never thought I'd be at a wedding with a cover of a Ramone's song being played and the groom's father bouncing around on the dancefloor.  It was great!

Now, Bryna and Nick will be off on a 4 month honeymoon camping and hiking across Europe.  I wish them all of the happiness in the world!